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At IBC you’ll find what you’d expect to see at a chocolate shop: Truffles, buttercreams, caramels, the works. So, what makes IBC so special? It’s the IBC Philosophy. Our kitchen operates according to two core principles:

Always the B-E-S-T (Best Equipment/Supplies/Technique)

We combine skilled hands, premium tools and the finest ingredients to produce a line of chocolates on a par with even the most exclusive brands. No expense is spared—we bring all our resources to bear in pursuit of The Perfect Chocolate. For example, our standard products are made with Belgium’s universally-acclaimed Callebaut brand, while our sugar free recipes incorporate the exclusive, much-sought- afterdiabetic friendly Amber Lyn Belgian chocolate. The result is a line of luxurious products of exceptional quality and richness, with a flavor profile of great depth and complexity. The Belgian style is the de facto world standard for chocolate.


From increased cocoa content to extra infusions of cream and butter, you get more of the good stuff—IBC chocolates are richer, moister and creamier, and every flavor is fresh and assertive. These qualities combine to produce what we call the IBC Experience.

These two simple rules are what set us apart from the rest. With so many brands from which to choose, there’s no shortage of good chocolate. But great chocolate takes something more—because more is better! IBC  chocolate is all about giving you more. We’re passionate about chocolate; it’s in our blood. So it’s our mission to offer the best Diabetic friendly and traditional chocolate products possible—no matter what it takes. We’re that serious!

  Most IBC products are made in dark, milk and white chocolate. So whatever your preference, we have something to suit you. Plus, we offer more than a dozen unusual creations sure to surprise and delight—like Scotch Mellows, Oopsies, Tootles, Bordeaux and You Can’t Stop. You'll find these intriguing items only at IBC.

  The IBC brand includes a limited number of items for highly-restrictive diets: Caramels and nut clusters are available in sugar-free and vegan chocolate, and sugar-free peanut butter cups and vegan chocolate-covered marshmallows are also offered.

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IBC Truffles are filled with a chocolate ganache rich with cream and butter. The blueberry, raspberry and full chocolate varieties are made year-round, while apricot, champagne, coconut, mint, strawberry and other types rotate every few months. All fruit truffles include real fruit paste; no artificial flavoring is used.

IBC Cashew Tootles are a very buttery  caramel mixed with  roasted cashew  and chocolate covering. Nutty, a little chewy, and Belgian chocolate; need we say more?

IBC Peanut Butter Cups are designed for those who just can’t get enough PB—they’re huge! Our recipe combines thick, top-grade chunky PB with honey; no artificial oil or other emulsifier

IBC Almond Bark and Almond Toffee are loaded with chopped roasted nuts. The Bark breaks into satisfying nutty chocolate chunks when you bite into it. The Toffee is crunchy but also marvelously creamy thanks to a high butter content.

IBC Butter creams are a concoction of sugar, generous portions of butter and cream cheese, and at least one natural flavor such as cherry (Al-Mon Cherri), Irish Cream, mint, orange (Orange Cream) and pina colada (Island Paradise).

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Interested parties may  place orders for 1 pound minimum quanities of IBC confections or Amber Lyn products  by contacting us via email chocolate4sale@att.net. Please contact us for further information.  Thank You

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