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Q: What makes your confections so moist and creamy?

A: Most IBC recipes specify amounts of butter and cream far above what’s typical, producing markedly superior mouth feel, texture and flavor. (Despite the increased production costs this entails, our prices are competitive.)


Q: Why do your chocolate varieties vary in size and shape?

A: We are a small-scale shop and every product is hand-made—even things like truffles that involve a mould. Items that are produced freehand necessarily are subject to slight variability in appearance.


Q: Do you handle custom orders? I’d order multiple boxes of a few of your varieties for an upcoming event if I could just tweak the recipes a little.

A: We are happy to confer about customizations. Please note that a higher deposit amount and minimum order, and more lead time, may be required.


Q: Who supplies the chocolate used in IBC-brand confections?

A: Our recipes incorporate the exclusive Amber Lyn diabetic-friendly Belgian chocolate, which is arguably the best available. Its rich, smooth, pure flavor is unparalleled...and we refine it even further by increasing the cocoa content, to 40% for milk and 60% for dark, for example.

Q: For how long do IBC products sit on the shelf?

A: Just like organic produce, fine chocolate products such as ours that do not include any preservative are highly perishable, meaning their shelf life, while variable, is very short. We demand freshness and our customers expect and deserve it, so all unsold stock is pulled after just a few days. Don’t worry though; products past their prime don’t go to waste—if you get our drift....


Q: Your prices are very reasonable considering the quality of your products. How do you manage this?

A: Honestly, we struggle to stay open. We just manage to pay the bills (and occasionally our employees). It’s all about volume—so if you like our goods and our prices, PLEASE spread the word!


Q: Can you provide products for a fundraiser for my organization?

A: We will gladly work with you on such a project; just drop by or give us a call.


Q: Do you plan to expand your sugar-free and vegan lines?

A: Retailers are subject to the law of supply and demand. We’re open to suggestions, but we have to make what sells. If demand for sugar-free and/or vegan products increases

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Interested parties may  place orders for 1 pound minimum quanities of IBC confections or Amber Lyn products  by contacting us via email Please contact us for further information.  Thank You

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