The Amber Lyn brand is well-known to connoisseurs as a premium-quality, natural diabetic and gluten-free Belgian chocolate line containing no preservatives, artificial inclusions or substitute oils. Amber Lyn is sweetened with a type of malitol, a family of sweeteners known as polyols (sugar alcohols) with reduced calories and reduced carbohydrates compared to sugar, with 90% of sugar’s sweetness. The malitol used by most brands is corn-based; the variety used in Amber Lyn is derived from wheat with the gluten removed, making it gluten-free and thus safe for celiacs, and lessening the laxative effect that can be found with high malitol consumption.


IBC  makes a few sugar free/ no sugar added confections with this great diabetic chocolate.  They are made under high production standards with all-natural, select premium ingredients from around the globe--including lots of Amber Lyn's diabetic chocolate. We’re proud to offer these fine products alongside our own house-brand pride-‘n’-joy.


  Now, you may ask, “Are Amber Lyn products as good as yours?” Well, since you'll find only the finest offerings on our shelves, all we can say tell us. Take the Taste Test Challenge: Pick up a few of the selections shown below and do a blind tasting of a mix of Amber Lyn and IBC chocolates, and be sure to tell us the results. We’d love to know what you think!  


If you don't agree that our confection offerings are as good if not better than those you have eaten before just bring back the uneaten portions for a full no question refund of your full purchase price.

Diabetic Chocolate Bars in 16 different flavors mixed between dark, milk or white chocolate.  They are sold  as single bars @ $1.85 per 1.2 oz bar or in a package of 15 bars @ $24.00 per box.  You May build your own box by selecting from the single bar section.


Diabetic milk or dark chocolate tasting squares 10 oz box @ $13.00

 Diabetic dark or milk   chocolate Gourmet  Truffles in 4 different flavors: Mint, Orange, Coconut,  Double Chocolate or assorted flavors 7.5 oz package @ $11.00

Diabetic dark or milk  chocolate covered roasted California premium quality Almonds rolled in cocoa powde 10oz bag @ $11.00

Diabetic milk, dark or white baking chocolate 1lb bag @ $12.00

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Interested parties may  place orders for 1 pound minimum quanities of IBC confections or Amber Lyn products  by contacting us via email Please contact us for further information.  Thank You

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