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 IBC was founded in Orangevale in July 2011, moving in December 2012 to our Citrus Heights location, which offered larger kitchen facilities and better accessibility for our customers.

  We’re a family-owned/operated shop where everything is made just as you would at home—from scratch...and with love. No automation, no mass-production. The shop cookery is just a beefed-up extension of our kitchen at home. In fact...we’re going to let you in on a little secret: There’s not a professionally-trained chocolatier among us. For years we made our confections, in our typical kitchen, just as holiday gifts for friends and family. And for years everyone insisted that our sweets were as good as anything in stores—and better than most! So we finally took the plunge and launched IBC to offer to everyone what was once available to only a select few. So, welcome to the family!



  Although we specialize in a select group of confections, we compliment them with the famous diabetic line of products by Amber Lyn, the unique ice creams from Gunther’s of Sacramento, and the popular Hawaiian treat, Shave Ice. Only at IBC will you find all this in one place!

  All our products are hand-made in small batches from only the finest ingredients, ensuring absolute quality and freshness always. Stop in soon and enjoy a free sample of what were sure you’ll agree is the best chocolate in the Sacramento area.

6970 Sunrise Blvd closed Pending opening at a new location

Interested parties may  place orders for 1 pound minimum quanities of IBC confections or Amber Lyn products  by contacting us via email chocolate4sale@att.net. Please contact us for further information.  Thank You

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